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halti groupHalti’s help with controlling your dog. Whether its pulling, eating things off the ground, or trying to control an unruly dog. Many trainers recommend this as a training tool to help get rid of unwanted behaviours.



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Soft Muzzles

grey soft muzzleAvailable in XS-XL.





Treat Pouches

dexas treat pouchAvailable in 5 colours and one size.




Silent Whistle

hunter-whistleAvailable in one size.



OPPO Quack Dog Muzzle

Yellow Quack MuzzleSome dogs just need to wear muzzles for everyone’s safety. When muzzles are being used on a dog who bites out of fear, sometimes a muzzle can make people even more fearful of your dog, which will in turn make your dog feel even more insecure, as they can sense people’s fear. Thanks to the new Quack Muzzle by OPPO, wearing a muzzle will often make people laugh or smile, bringing positivity to the situation.  Bright, fun and with a touch of the bizarre, these muzzles will transform both your dogs and your feeling on muzzles. 

Please note: These muzzles DO NOT fit, and are NOT intended for LARGE breeds of dogs (golden retrievers, German shepherds, labradors etc), or dogs with large heads or faces (e.g. bulldogs etc). They are designed for dogs weighing in the 10-30 pound (4.5-13.6 kg) range.

The Oppo Dog Muzzle Quack features:

  • Size: around 5.4 x 7.7 x 5.5cm (2.1 x 3 x 2.2″) (small), 6.3 x 13.8 x 6.7cm (2.5 x 5.4 x 2.6″) (medium), 8.2 x 12.4 x 7.6cm (3.2 x 4.9 x 3″) (large)
  • Mouth area: around 11cm (4.3″) (small), around 14.5cm (5.7″) (medium), around 15cm (5.9″) (large)
  • Back of head: around 17-23cm (6.7-9.1″) (small), around 17-23cm (6.7-9.1″) (medium), around 20-30cm (7.9-11.8″) (large)
  • Weight: around 46g (1.6 oz) (small), around 83g (2.9 oz) (medium), around 83g (2.9 oz) (large)
  • Materials: Made of a soft and smooth silicone. Soft on the dogs muzzle, and easy to wash
  • Suggested breeds (muzzle sizes): poodle (small), chihuahua (small), pomeranian (small); dachshund (medium), Miniature Pinscher (medium); border collie (large), Jack Russell terrier (large)
  • Please note that sizes are approximate and subject to unforeseen changes by the manufacturer. We recommend you get a larger size if you are uncertain which is best for your dog.