April showers bring May flowers! Choose from a wide selection of trendy, durable, protective rain gear. Feel free to drop in with your dog for a fitting (or learn how to measure your dog’s size). The following brands are available at Dogfather in a full range of sizes and colors:


Dogo Pet Fashions

Animal Friends Raincoats

NEW – Rabbit and Shark!

***Available at Dogfather in XS to XL in Frog, Monster, Duck, Rabbit and Shark.



Pick Me Poncho – NEW!


  • Fun and playful printed pattern
  • Light-weight, water-resistant fabric
  • Snap-back hood
  • Easy-on wrap vest with Velcro closure
  • Slit for leash attachment


Expedition Coat


  • Textured water-resistant shell
  • Pullover zipper closure with protective fur guard
  • Stretchy front panel for full belly coverage
  • Easy one clip belly closure with adjust ability for barrel chested dogs
  • Reflective piping and logo for visibility
  • Over-sized zip closure slit for leash attachment

CARESpot clean dirt or machine wash inside out with closure fastened on gentle cycle, cold water. Hang to dry. Do not iron

CONTENTShell: 100% Polyester, Lining: 100% Polyester

*** Available at Dogfathe in Orange in all sizes.


Torrential Tracker

An oldie but a goodie, this adorable rain coat will keep your pooch comfortable and dry on a rainy day.


  • Reflective piping for nighttime visibility
  • Functional pocket for treat and bag storage
  • Dual Velcro closure
  • Button snap to secure hood in place
  • Slit for leash or harness connection

Content & Care

  • Waterproof shell
  • Machine washable – refer to garment label


  • Available in sizes 10 – 26, including 14+
  • Sleeves for sizes 10 – 16

***Available at Dogfather in Yellow in sizes 10-26



foufou logo

Foufou Dog Bodyguards

Rain + Mud = One Dirty Dog. We have the solution to a muddy undercarriage and muddy legs after one of those rainy walks. The Bodyguard covers the essentials, and easily fastens with adjustable buckles. It features a cut out for your dog to do their business, while the rest of the suit covers the chest, stomach and legs. It also works to protect fur from those snowballs that build in their coat during those snowy romps. Thin enough to wear in mild weather

  • Waterproof material is easy to rinse and clean
  • Adjustable straps to fit most dogs
  • Easily worn underneath raincoats or parkas
  • Reflective accents for safety
  • Machine washable
  • Protects legs and chest from rain, mud and snow
  • Get full coverage, by pairing with Rubber Dipped Socks or Boots


fuss dog

Fuss-Dog – Rain Coat

Made in Italy, these coats are beautifully hand made with amazing quality. Full tummy coverage, and adjustable belly strap allows for fitting many different shapes and sizes.

Fuss-Dog – Rain Suit

Made in Italy, these coats are beautifully hand made with amazing quality. these coats have great leg coverage, helping keep your dogs underbelly and legs clean and dry on walks.



Rain Blocker – NEW!

The waterproof Rain Blocker with front legs offers a completely new solution for protecting your dog in the rain. The Rain Blocker combines the protection of an overall and the ease of use of a coat. The front legs minimise the amount of dirt on the front parts of the dog while still being easy to put on and take off. The coat has a high collar with a specially designed rain trap which prevents water from getting inside the coat and along the dog’s neck. With the back length adjustment, and the neck and waist tightening drawstrings, the coat can be adjusted to fit your dog perfectly The coat is made of durable, flexible and comfortable outdoor fabric. Extensive reflectors in the collar and rear hem improve visibility in the dark. The outdoor fabric is produced in accordance with the Öko-Tex standard 100.

  • Waterproof fabrics with taped seams
  • High collar with protective rain trap to stop the dogs neck getting wet
  • Protective design
  • Highly visible 3M reflectors
  • Adjustable back length, waist and collar
  • Öko-Tex standard 100 fabric
  • Made from 100% RECYCLED polyester fabric (ECO)

***Available at Dogfather in Stream (Blue) and Raven (Black) in sizes 10-28

Downpour Suit – NEW!

This waterproof and dirt-resistant rain overall protects your dog in the best way possible in changing weather conditions. The overall has a high collar and rain trap in the collar, which stops rain from going inside the overall. The product is made of durable and comfortably flexible outdoor fabric that does not rustle when the dog moves. The adjustable leg length makes it possible to modify the overall. With neckline and waist tightening mechanisms, the overall can be adjusted to fit your dog and keep it in place in even the most active play. Ample reflectors in the collar and hind legs improve visibility in the dark.

  • Waterproof fabrics and taped seams
  • High collar with rain trap
  • Protective design
  • Highly visible 3M reflectors
  • Adjustable legs, waist and collar
  • Öko-Tex standard 1000 fabric

***Available at Dogfather in Raven (Black) in sizes 10-22M – Greem Camo available by special order only.

Slush Combat Suit

(Discontinued, only limited colours and sizes available.)

  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable design
  • 3M reflectors
  • Adjustable fit
  • Machine washable
  • Also protects dog’s legs
  • Hole in the back for harness attachment

The Slush Combat outdoors overall is made of high-performance outdoor fabric, which provides effective protection against water, mud and dirt. The purpose of the product is to protect the fur and skin of long-haired dogs during walks so that the dog does not need to be washed too often in the spring and autumn seasons. During walks in the city, the garment protects the dog’s fur from road salt and traffic-related grime.

The fabric of the overall is laminated with a breathable and waterproof Houndtex® membrane, which ensures that humidity stays outside the garment while being comfortable for the dog to wear.

This highly technical outdoor overall features many details that increase comfort and safety. Thanks to its adjustable waist band, collar and legs it is easy for the dog to run and play while wearing the overall. 3M reflector prints have been placed in highly visible areas, improving the dog’s visibility during walks in the dark.

The product is designed to be used in demanding circumstances by the dogs and owners who do not let weather limit their outdoor activities. The material of this product is soft and cannot withstand chewing.

***Available at Dogfather in limited colours and sizes as it is discontinued.

Outdoor Overall

(Discontinued, only limited colours and sizes available.)

outdoor overall imageSimilar to its descendant, the slush combat suit, this coat keeps dogs clean and dry even in the muddiest conditions.

***Available in limited sizes as this item has been discontinued by Hurtta


Torrent Coat

  • Waterproof and breathable Houndtex
  • Pleasant to wear
  • 3M reflectors
  • Adjustable belt and collar
  • Integrated harness in small sizes 20-25cm
  • Closeable opening for harness on the back in sizes 30-90cm
  • High collar and protective hem
  • Light, breathable mesh lining
  • Machine washable

The Hurtta Torrent raincoat is made from outdoor fabric developed for demanding conditions, offering efficient protection against rain and wind. It is perfect for long- and soft-haired dogs, whose fur easily absorbs moisture and retains a damp smell long after the walk. The material has a water-resistant and breathable Houndtex® coating. The product is considerably easier and faster to clean than a long-haired dog. Quick to line-dry in an airy space, the raincoat is ready for new rainy weather walks in no time.

The raincoat features an adjustable belt and a high protective collar. With the buckle attachment placed on the back, the coat is easy to put on and take off. High-quality 3M reflectors improve your dog’s safety at the dark time of the year.

***Available at Dogfather in sizes 8-10 and 18-24 in Red and Black.

Hurtta Raincoat

(Discontinued, only limited colours and sizes available.)

Effective protection against rain, slush and dirt.

  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable design
  • 3M reflectors
  • Adjustable fit
  • Machine washable

A protective raincoat for walks in cold and windy conditions. Protects the dog’s major muscle groups and sensitive abdominal area.

The Hurtta Raincoat is made of high-performance outdoor fabric, which provides effective protection against rain and wind. The product is laminated with a waterproof and breathable Houndtex® membrane. The raincoat has an adjustable waist and neckline. The waist belt on the back of the coat makes it easy to put on and take off.

***Available at Dogfather in sizes 9-15


one-for-pets-logoOne For Pets – Safety Rain Coat

1301_springKeep your dog dry and protected on a rainy day with One For Pet’s  reflective raincoat. Each raincoat is trimmed with reflective material for improved visibility. With full tummy coverage, a two-way adjustable strap makes for easy size adjustment. Proven to fit more breeds with different shapes and sizes.

***Available at Dogfather in sizes 10-26 in Navy and Spring. Orange available by special order only.



Muddy Mutts Rainsuit


What makes Muddy Mutts perfect for your dog?

  • All four legs and belly are protected – remember, your dog gets wet underneath not on top when walking on wet, dirty ground
  • Muddy Mutts’ unique design is easy to put on and take off, and allows your dog free movement for walking and running
  • Muddy Mutts are designed to allow both male and female dogs to do their ‘business’
  • Adjustable straps and elastic cuffs allow for a comfortable fit
  • They feature reflective tape around each leg for nighttime safety
  • They are made with a waterproof fabric which easily rinses clean, or they can be thrown in the washing machine
  • They are available in 6 sizes, XX-Small to X-Large to cover a range of different sized and shaped dogs
  • Adjustable cuffs and straps for a secure fit

***Available at Dogfather in Black and Yellow in all sizes.


Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 3.50.46 PM

Sun Shower Rain Jacket

The Ruffwear Sun Shower is weatherproof rain jacket built for the trail. Waterproof fabric helps extend adventures into wet weather by keeping dogs comfortable. Non-insulated design allows for use in warm climates and can be worn over insulating layers for cold climates. Full coverage minimizes wet, muddy dog cleanup.

***Available at Dogfather in sizes XS to XL in Blue. Limited sizes available in Grey, Purple and Red as those colours have been discontinued by Ruffwear.


RC Pet – Venture Shell

 ***Available at Dogfather in sizes 8-26 in Red and Blue.


muttlucks logo

Muttlucks – Dog Jog Rainsuit

A real rain suit for real dogs. Four legged protection from rain, mud, salt and snow. Easy step in design. Fur friendly back zipper with quick and easy closure. Machine wash and dry.

*** ONLY Available at Dogfather in limited sizes. This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


Yellow Hydrant Logo

Yellow Hydrant Muddsuits

Waterproof and stretchy, these suits keep your dog clean and dry even on the wettest of days. 3M reflective tape keeps them visible at night, and the 3M Velcro cuffs allow a good fit even for shorter legged dogs.

***Available at Dogfather in all sizes in Blue, Black, Red, Army Green and Plum