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kyjen puzzle treat wheelOutward Hound Dog Games Puzzles

Keep your dogs mind active with these interactive puzzles for dogs. With more then 9 puzzles to choose from, these fun games can keep your pooch occupied for hours.



slo bowl

These uniquely designed bowls help slow down your dogs eating habbits by not allowing them to take too much food in their mouths at one time. Available in 4 styles and 5 colours.




Orbee Tuff Mazee

This silicone maze ball is easy to fill with treats and can keep your dog occupied for hours. Just put treats in the small hole and your dog needs to roll the ball around until the treats come out. Comes in two colours.






Orbee Tuff Snoop

tuff snoop with dog

The multiple award-winning Orbee-Tuff® Snoop challenges the brain in fun and stimulating ways. Snoop is translucent and squishy with a deep crevice that conceals the treasure. Filled with treats, dogs will pounce, nudge, nose, and nibble to release the hidden reward. This interactive puzzle toy offers hours of long-lasting, brain-stimulating entertainment for dogs of any size. For extra credit, insert any 2.5″ Orbee-Tuff® toy (also stuffed with treats) for a double puzzle. Stuff with Planet Dog Eats and enjoy!

Diamond Tuff Orbee

dog-green-double-tuffThis toy is just like the original KONG except this one is made in USA not China. Put your dogs favourite biscuit inside, or fill it with peanut butter or canned food and put it in the freezer. Great for puppies, adults or seniors for hours of chewing fun. Available in 3 colours and sizes.

Planet dog diamond tuff orbee







Wobble PLAY Toy

play wobble_ball_3colorYour pup loves to play, and there is nothing more exciting than when food is part of the equation! Our interactive food puzzle toy is uniquely shaped to roll around unpredictably to your fluffy friend’s delight. Coupled with the sound and sight of dog treats spinning inside, the Wobble Ball stimulates your pet mentally and physically with hours of interactive fun and enrichment. Simply put your dog’s favorite treats or kibbles in and reward them for their persistence and intelligence!wobble ball dog playing