Puppy Essentials


At Dogfather we know that getting a new puppy is extremely exciting, but can also be quite overwhelming. The Dogfather and Co. team are experienced and knowledgeable in all things dogs. Have a question? Ask us. We are always happy to help. The following is a list of the Dogfather’s staff picks of our favourite puppy essentials.

Please click on the following link to download and print your own puppy essentials shopping list:

Puppy Essentials Shopping List



Puppies chew A LOT. The best way to avoid having your furniture chewed is to provide your puppy with lots of different textured chew toys to satisfy their teething needs.

Planet Dog Toys


Made in USA and guaranteed for life, these squishy yet durable toys are soothing on puppies’ gums and teeth. Infused with mint flavour, they also combat puppy breath! A good alternative chew toy to your fingers!

Rope Toys


These rope toys are hand tied and dyed with non-toxic vegetable dyes, so they are safe for your little fur baby. As the rope frays it acts like doggie dental floss to help clean teeth. Dunk the toy in water and pop it in the freezer to soothe teething puppies’ gums.

Bully Sticks

bully stics

A great beef chew that works great for keeping puppies busy when you need a minute to yourself. They are safe to give puppies in moderation, as they are low in fat but high in calories, so giving too many too often can cause digestive upset.

Gorilla Chew

gorilla chews group

Puppies instinctively love to chew wood, sticks, branches, and furniture. Made from solid Java Wood, these chews are a safe alternative for dogs that just love chewing on sticks. The surface is extremely durable and long lasting, making an excellent chew choice for dental and gum care by reducing plaque build-up.



Heartbeat and Warming Toys

Those first few nights with your new puppy can be sleepless, and difficult on the whole family. These genius inventions help you crate train your new puppy, while still giving them the feeling of warmth, and heartbeat of their mother. Dogs are pack animals and are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. Snuggle Puppy recreates that intimacy with physical warmth and a “real-feel” heartbeat. The result is a calmer, more peaceful pet – one that feels less loneliness, fear and anxiety.

  • Reduces negative behaviors resulting from anxiety, including whining and barking
  • “Real-feel” pulsing heartbeat and heat source mimic being part of a pack, working to ease loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety
  • Pet is calmed by appealing to natural instincts, not through medication
  • Two AAA batteries (included) last up to two weeks with continuous 24/7 use
  • On/off switch on heartbeat allows for use only when necessary
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle
  • Disposable heat source lasts for 24 hours and is non-toxic and safe for people and pets

Collar/Harness and Leash


No matter how small or young your puppy is, its very important to start training as soon as you get your puppy home. A collar/harness and leash are one of the most used tools in training. They also allow you to take your puppy out for a pee safely without them running away. Be sure that the collar/harness is not too big to make sure your puppy doesn’t slip out. Click here to see just some of the harnesses we carry. Click here to see some of the collars and leashes we carry. 

Food and Water Bowls

Artisan_Double fossil bowl

Be sure to find a water and food bowl that aren’t too high so that your puppy won’t have trouble getting to their food at meal time. Click here to see just some of the bowls we carry. 


dog-crate with divider

Some people thing this is cruel, but crates are an invaluable tool in training your puppy, as well as a replacement for their natural homes, dens. They help with potty-training and prevent unwanted chewing or urination in the house while you’re away. Ideally when choosing a crate, it is best to pick a size that is just large enough for them to stand up and lye down, to prevent your puppy from picking a corner to pee in. At Dogfather, we offer crates with dividers, so that you can purchase the ideal size for when they are fully grown, and use the divider as they are growing to be sure that they don’t pick one side to pee on.

ID Tags


Imperative for all dog owners. Tags should be on the collar and or harness as soon as you get it. In the event that your puppy gets lost, whoever finds them can call you right away and get them home safe and sound.

Bed or Mat

Play beds pile

Beds or mats are an important tool in training to allow your dog to understand where they can comfortably relax in the house without being in the way. Dogfather has a very large selection of beds and mats, as well as custom beds available for sale. Click here to see some of the beds we carry.

Brushes and Combs

puppy being brushed

Depending on your dog’s coat, different brushes and grooming tools are necessary. Getting your puppy used to being brushed and having their nails trimmed at a young age is very important. Breeds that require professional grooming regularly should visit the groomer as soon as possible so they can establish a good relationship with them, and learn about the grooming environment. Click here to see some of the grooming tools we carry at Dogfather. 

Dogfather and Co. offers grooming in their Paw Spa, and specializes in new puppies first grooms. To book an appointment call (416) 960-1088.




generic dog treat

Treats are a HUGE part of helping your puppy learn. Its good to buy treats that either come in small pieces, or ones that can be easily broken into small pieces. This way every time your puppy does something that you like, you can reward them with a “Good Dog!” and a treat. This helps your puppy learn want kind of behaviours are wanted. Click here to see some of the treats we carry at Dogfather.


Contrary to popular belief, dogs should not be on the same dog food their whole lives. That being said, it is best to keep your puppy on the same food that they were eating where they came from for the first week, so that you’re not changing everything all at once. After the first week, feel free to start feeding all the different foods you like. This is your chance to get your puppies tummies exposed to many things so that you can avoid sensitive tummies in the future. Dogfather recommends feeding a raw food diet above all, but if you don’t think you can afford it, we have plenty of other high end food options available. Click here for a list of brands of foods we carry.

Upset Tummies


Always have a can of pure pumpkin on hand for diarrhea. Just one or two spoonfulls mixed with a meal over a few meals can help their digestive system get back to normal.



Urine Off

urine off

Puppies tend to have all sorts of accidents. Its imperative that you clean it up with a proper enzyme cleaner that will get rid of the urine smell. If you don’t use one of these specific cleaners, the smell will linger, and your puppy will continue going back to the same spot over and over again.

Pee Pads

puppy on pee pad

While pee pads can cause confusion and prolong the potty-training phase, sometimes you just can’t do without. For teacup and other delicate breeds, sometimes going pee outside in the winter just won’t happen. Pee pads are a good tool for these situations.

Poop Bags and Dispensers

be one breed dispense

Poop bags and dispensers are a must have for all dog owners as leaving poop behind can end up leaving you with a hefty fine. Available at Dogfather in all sorts of colours and designs to suit your style.


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to come in to the shop or give us a call and speak with one of our very knowledgeable staff.