Dogfather has the best doggy footwear selection in the city! We guarantee that you will find the pair you need. Word of advice? Visit our store with your dog and request a fitting to be sure you go home with the right size. If you are unable to bring your pooch, click here to find out how to measure your dog’s paws and one of our managers will be happy to help you find a suitable fit.

Scroll down to view a list of the brands we carry:


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Rubber Dipped Socks with Velco Strap

Great for outdoors and indoors. Can also be used for elderly dogs with mobility issues on slippery floors.

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***Available at Dogfather in all sizes.


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pawsh pads black groupDesigned in Toronto, these Neoprene boots have soft, leather soles and toe enforcements for comfortable wear all winter. They have an easy-on, easy-off system with double Velcro enclosures to keep them secure during play time.


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***Available at Dogfather in Red and Black in all sizes, Available in Pink in sizes Tiny to XS. Other colours available on special order.


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Polar Trex – NEW and IMPROVED!!

15301-polartrex-forestgreen-pair_lrgThe Ruffwear Polar Trex dog boots are designed for warmth, traction, and protection in winter conditions. Insulated upper softshell fabric creates breathable, weatherproof warmth in extreme cold and inclement weather. Ruffwear-designed Vibram® outsole provides optimum traction on frozen surfaces.

Closure system combines hook-and-loop with hardware, cinching around the narrowest part of the dog’s leg to provide a secure fit. Pullover stretch gaiter keeps snow out and improves retention by protecting the hook-and-loop ankle closure from the elements.

Just as you would with your gear, adjust fit and check tension of boots 15 minutes into your activity and throughout the adventure as needed.

***Available at Dogfather in all sizes.

Grip Trex Boots

15201_GripTrex_RedCurrant_Stacked3_LrgThe Ruffwear Grip Trex dog boots set the standard in paw wear for dogs who hike, bike, run, or explore the great outdoors with their humans.

These high-performance boots feature a rugged and resilient Ruffwear-designed Vibram outsole that provides exceptional traction on varied terrain. Breathable mesh upper provides ventilation and keeps dirt and debris out. Closure system combines hook-and-loop with hardware, cinching around the narrowest part of the dog’s leg to provide a secure fit.

Just as you would with your gear, check closure system and adjust fit as needed 15 minutes into your activity and throughout the adventure.

*Available at Dogfather in red and black in all available sizes. Blue available upon special order request.

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*Available at Dogfather in gray; special orders available upon request



RC Sport Pawks

Our anti-slip Sport PAWksTM are for indoor and outdoor wear, providing traction and protection for your dog’s paws.

  • Anti-slip coating maximizes grip and protects paws
  • Stretchy cotton/spandex
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Protects hardwood floors
  • Protects against salt and other outdoor irritants
  • Comes in set of 4
  • Reusable, fun and functional!
  • Not for use in icy or freezing conditions

***Available at Dogfather in all sizes and colours.



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 *Available at Dogfather in all sizes and colours as well as black


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Brand new from Muttlucks, this new and improved boot has a rubber sole with grip and flexibility. With and easy on and off velco component, these boots are just what your dogs paws need this winter.

snow mushers flexsnow mushers on dog***Available at Dogfather in all sizes. scrollDown-85x85


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*Available at Dogfather in black and red; special orders available upon request


EZ Pawz by Neo Paws

EZ burberry wpso3


What about dogs who refuse to wear booties?

There is a solution! The Muttluks Pawstik and the Woof Cosmetics Paw and Fur Balm receive great reviews from customers and is guaranteed to help protect your dog’s pads from rough outdoor terrain and dryness.


Sadie and mitz paw balmScreen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.47.07 AMScreen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.55.23 AM