Dogfather prides itself in having the largest selection of leather collars and leashes in the city. The majority of our collars and leashes are hand-made in Montreal. Designed especially for Dogfather, you won’t find the same ones anywhere else. We also have Canada’s Buddy Belt leashes,  harnesses and collars, as well as U.S. made leather products from Auburn Leather Crafters, and German made products from Hunter Germany

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leather collar wall

leather leashes


Hunter – CANNES Collars

Premium calf leather from the alpine region of Germany/Austria/Switzerland is hand processing into unrivalled accessories for the Cannes series. The series, which was made in Germany, impresses with its elegant use of form and offers a premium fit both for the dog’s neck and for your hand. A real eye-catcher is the wide, soft, padded collar, whose body is made from a single piece of leather and finished with a removable tassel.

Available at Dogfather up to size 55cm. Larger sizes available by special order.


Available at Dogfather in Black, Pink and Red in all sizes.

24 17 – 21 cm 1,6 cm
27 20 – 24 cm 1,6 cm
30 23 – 27 cm 1,6 cm
32 24 – 28 cm 2,6 cm
37 30 – 34 cm 2,6 cm
42 35 – 39 cm 2,6 cm


Hunter – SOFT ROUND ELK – Collar and Leashes

The elk leather series is impressive thanks to its grip, natural structure and comfort in wear. A must-have for any dog owner who appreciates the »Made in Germany« quality and uniqueness!

– strong and resistant nylon rope inside.

Available at Dogfather in Black, Red and Tan in all sizes.

40 33 – 37 cm 8 mm
45 38 – 42 cm 8 mm
50 41 – 46 cm 10 mm
55 46 – 51 cm 10 mm
60 51 – 56 cm 10 mm

Matching leashes available .