Outdoor Play


Chuckit Ball Launchers

The classic launch arm we all know and love. These guys throw balls a long way and come in three sizes, small, medium and large.




Chuckit Balls

From your classic tennis ball to squeaky rubber, Chuckit has any kind of ball you want, designed to fit in their brand name launchers. Ensure that the size of ball you choose corresponds with the right size of launcher. Each product is available in small, medium and large.



Chuckit Flyers

For all your other fun outdoor needs, we carry these unique fetch toys.




NiteIze Launchers and Balls

These launchers are a conveniently portable option. They have a telescope arm that folds in on itself, allowing you to transport it in your bag. We carry their yellow tennis ball and GlowStreak, the lightup LED ball.




Spunky Pup Glow Balls

Make night play fun with fetching balls that glow and flash in the dark. No more losing your ball in the park


Tuff Tennis Balls

A perfect birthday gift for those dogs who play in the park.



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When your doggo wants to fetch but you just don’t got time for that, there’s All For Pets’ line of ball launchers! Leave it on a predictable setting, or use the remote to interact with your dog when you’re around. It’s a rechargeable product, so you no need to worry about leaving it on all day.


All For Pets Hyper Fetch Ball Launcher