Life Jackets

Summer Fun in the Sun

Summertime fun means boats, water, and swimming! Just as you wouldn’t be without your life jacket, neither should your pooch. Even if they are great swimmers, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 


Canada Pooch – Wave Rider Life Vest

The Wave Rider Life Vest has high buoyancy foam & durable shell for safe swimming.  Super float chin clap for head support and adjustable chest & neck straps with top assisted handle.


Hunter – Moss Life Jacket

The chest strap and the two stomach straps are adjustable for the perfect fit. The safety clicking catches ensure that the belt won’t accidentally open while your dog is swimming about. The Moss life jacket is bright red so that it is highly visible.  Dogs who weigh between 5 and 25 kg can wear it.




Hurtta – Life Savior

The Life Savior, a new generation streamlined life jacket for dogs, is ideal for swimming, water rescue, rehabilitation, boating and hunting. The special design of the floats make the vest very light and ensure a comfortable fit. The light design of the vest ensure free movement for your dog in water and on land.

(Available in Orange Camo in all sizes.)




RC Pets Life Jacket

canine friendly life jacketThe secure and comfortable Canine Life Jacket is exactly what you need to ensure your dog’s safety on the boat or around the water. The ergonomic design and ultra-buoyant foam help keep your dog in a natural swimming position.

(Available  in Orange in all sizes.)



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Ruffwear – K9 Float Coat

 This is a premium, fully-featured life jacket that includes thoughtful details like a strong handle, optimally positioned to lift dogs out of the water, and reflective trim for enhanced visibility in or out of the water.

(Available in all colours and sizes.)