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Wrinkle Balm
wrinkle balm

Wrinkles Never Looked So Good!

Voted a 2016 Fave Find by ModernDog Magazine! Organic Wrinkle Balm is a patent pending all-natural balm specially formulated to treat and prevent skin fold disease, infection and discomfort. It is fortified with gentle, yet powerful, extracts with anti-fungal properties to eradicate yeast, bacteria and crusty buildup. Wrinkle Balm is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to improve skin fold condition and prevent future impurity.

Wrinkle Balm is essential for treating and preventing:

  • Skin fold dermatitis
  • Yeast and bacterial infections
  • Redness, chaffing, inflammation
  • Crusty buildup
  • Sores, pimples, scabbing
  • Itchy | flaky skin | hair loss | baldness
  • Unpleasant odor

If symptoms are neglected and left untreated, issues can lead to much more serious conditions such as pyoderma, a severe bacterial infection and skin disease. Pets with rolls are susceptible to many unfortunate conditions; it is our duty as loving owners to make sure we keep them healthy and comfortable.

Wrinkle balm is great for using around the face! It is scent-free, soothing, and helps to diminish the disconcerting “stinky face”. Big wrinkles are beautiful – lets keep them that way!

Snout Soother

snout soother

Crusty, dry, cracked, chapped, even bleeding dog noses don’t stand a chance against the natural healing properties of Snout Soother. Our balm for dog’s noses is a synergistic, perfect blend of organic, vegan, nourishing, healing and moisturizing ingredients. Snout Soother can be applied to a dog’s nose to treat painful cracking and dryness as well as a preventative with its natural sunscreen elements. In just days, our amazing dry skin treatment for dog’s noses will have your pup’s nose soothed, softened, and rejuvenated! Essentially, Snout Soother is to dogs as Chapstick is to people…without all the chemicals.

Vets all over the globe have been amazed at the healing power of Snout Soother! Dogs can’t always help themselves when they’re in pain, but we do what we can to keep them happy and healthy – because we love them™.


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Oscar & Mollie Skin Remedy

oscar and mollie skin remedy



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Sadie and Mitz Perfect Paw Balm
Sadie and mitz paw balm

Sadie and Mitz Perfect Paw Balm is just what your pooch needs for keeping paw pads from cracking. It also heals existing damage and dryness to make paws smooth and soft.

It is specially formulated to create a nourishing barrier to protect paw pads against the elements, such as heat, cold, sand, salt, and snow.

Great for using before outdoor activities like hikes, walks, going outside in hot or cold weather, after fresh snow or salt.



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Woof Paw and Fur Balm with Shea butter

woof paw balm

Woof does not use any paraffin waxes or mineral oils. This all-natural fur balm quickly absorbs and conditions due to its vegetable oil blend, comfrey extract, and pure essential oils. Great for dull coat, hot spots, dry skin, and paws.

1.7 oz, 50 gr