Brushes and Combs


Bass Slicker Brush

Bass SlickerThe Bass Slicker Brush has been around for decades. This is the one brush our groomers will recommend to you if you have a dog with almost any coat type except for short haired breeds that shed. If used correctly, this brush can remove mattes and knots gently without causing your dog too much discomfort. Please ask one of our staff how to brush your dog correctly as many people do not know how to use these brushes in a way that will keep your dog matte free.


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Furminator – De-shedding Tool

furminatorThe Furminator’s De-Shedding tool is one of the BEST grooming tools on the market for helping with shedding dogs. This tool with help remove extra undercoat leaving less hair to fall on your living-room floor. Never stroke the same area more then 3 times while using this brush, it is so effective that you can eventually make your dog bald if you keep brushing them forever.

***Available at Dogfather in Small, Medium and Large in both Short and Long Coat formats.

Furminator’s Slicker Brush

Furminator slicker brushFurminator’s Slicker Brush has 2 panels to allow the brush to mold to the curves of your dogs body. This brush is recommended for all coat types except short haired shedding breeds.scrollDown-85x85

foufou logoIt is with good reason the Groomie brush is recommended by professionals and veterinarians. The silicone material is completely free of harmful chemicals and metals. These flexible brushes form to the body of the pet, are very gentle and can be used around all the delicate areas such as the eyes or nose. At the same time the brushes are extremely effective in removing loose hair from the undercoat and even dandruff.

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Safari’s Professional Groomers Comb

safari combThis comb is what most professional groomers will have in their grooming kit. Any dog that can get mattes should own one of these combs to help get rid of any mattes that appear. There are ways in which combs can be used so that your dog is not in discomfort while trying to remove a matte. Please ask one of our staff to show you the correct method.