Freeze Dried and Air Dried Foods

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Dogfather is a proud retailer for Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried food and treats. This food is seriously phenomenal in its ingredients and in its palatability. Two of our store dogs are EXTREMELY picky dogs and they are completely OBSESSED with this food. Also recommended for dogs with sensitive tummies, this stuff is just too good not to at least give it a try. Come on in to Dogfather and get a bag for your pooch today!


***Available in Dinner and Meal Mixer Formats!


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Stewart® Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Recipes use only the freshest, human grade ingredients and are formulated for all life stages.  Prepared with; single or limited source protein, wholesome fruits, garden fresh vegetables with added vitamins and minerals. Each serving is packed with the optimum level of nutrients needed to help maintain a complete and balanced diet. Freeze dried to create a convenient, easy to feed, shelf stable diet that will help your pet thrive. Click HERE for more information.


***Available in all flavours and sizes.



ZiwiPeak – Raw Without The Thaw

The best pet diet is balanced raw-meat food

No question about that. But there are safety and hygiene issues in handling raw meat. And the inconvenience of thawing raw meat from the freezer. With freeze-dried foods, there’s also the need to add water. ZiwiPeak eliminates the problems and gives you total convenience. Our air-drying and canning processes capture just about all the benefits.

Available at Dogfather in all 4 flavours.

Please click here for more information.

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