Durable Toys

Here at Dogfather & Co, we know that a chewing is a dog’s instinct. We have brought in a variety of different toys for all levels of chewers. From flossing rope toys to tough rubber, you’re bound to find just the right product to satisfy your dog’s chew cravings! All toys are available at both of our locations.



Humunga Toy Line

If you’re ready to laugh, we’ve got Humunga chew toys in store! As your dog chews, he smiles back at you with one of these tough toys.





Jax and Bones Organic Cotton Rope Toys

Made with organic cotton and vegetable dye, these toys are great for puppies and big chewers alike. Soak ’em and freeze ’em in summer for more ways to entice and cool off your dog.



Tough Rubber Toys

These durable and versatile toys are a staple at Dogfather. 


Cuz Toys

The little legs on these toys make for a fun erratic bounce, giving playtime a unique spin.




Lightning Ball

This flashing star shaped ball is great fun, it floats in water and it blinks, too.





ZippyTuff Squeaker Ball

Unlike some of our other tough toys, these guys squeak when chewed. Available in these three colours.





West Paw toys are made of natural and durable rubber in Portland, USA. They are guaranteed, with a lifetime replacement. These toys float, and are 100% recyclable! Dogfather offers a variety of shapes and colours to choose from.


Zogoflex Toys – (Call for Availability)

west paw rubber toys

Zogoflex Air

zogoflex air group

Zogoflex Zwig


Quizl Treat Hider



Spunky Pup Tough Toys

For the intense chewer, check out this line of dense rubber toys.




Petstages Teething Sticks

These teething sticks are great for puppies. We have a soft and gentle fabric variety for small dogs, or the rubber Orka stick for tougher chewers.