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AFP’s Always Cool Pet Pad – Now 50% off – While Quantities Last!

03965-afp-cool-matAFP’s Always Cool Pet Pad requires no refrigeration, electricity or maintenance. The gel inside is safe and non-toxic, and is protected by an outer vinyl cover. The Cool Pet Pad™ cools with pressure and will stay chilled for about 3-4 hours of use. After use, the pad just needs to be relieved of pressure in order to recharge for the next use.

Great for those super hot days when you just can’t escape the heat!

*Caution Dogs – Your human may try to steal your spot when it gets too hot…



Hurtta Cooling Coat – Now 50% off – While Quantities Last!


  • Cools and gives a feeling of comfort
  • Ideal for training or shows
  • Excellent absorption capacity
  • XXS-S contain fastening for a leash


Dip in cold water – wring dry – cool down! Cools and gives your dog a feeling of comfort on hot days. Protects the heart region and chest, vital for circulation. Ideal for walks, training sessions and dog shows. Double absorption capacity in comparison with terry cloth coats. Sizes XXS-S have attachment loops for leash.

Hurtta CoolingCoat on dog




***Available in Blue in sizes 10-16″


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Ruffwear Swamp Cooler

05402-SwampCoolar-GraphiteGray-Right_LrgThe Ruffwear Swamp Cooler provides protection from the sun and cooling through evaporation. In warm climates, dogs typically stay cool by seeking shade during the heat of the day and moving around in cooler temperatures. The Swamp Cooler allows dogs to perform in hot climates. To activate the Swamp Cooler, soak in water, wring out and place on your dog. The light-colored fabric reflects solar radiation, while evaporative cooling pulls heat from the dog. The integrated leash portal allows leash attachment when the Swamp Cooler is worn over our Front Range™ or Web Master™ Harnesses. 


Jet Stream

The Ruffwear Jet Stream efficiently cools dogs during light and fast, high-intensity adventures through shading and evaporative cooling. In warm climates, dogs typically stay cool by seeking shade in the heat of the day. The light and sleek Jet Stream uses shade-providing spandex over the back, while Ruffwear’s three-layer evaporative cooling chest panel disperses heat from the dog’s core. To activate the Jet Stream, soak in water, wring out, zip on your dog, and go.


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FouFit Cooling Collars – Now 50% off – While Quantities Last!

FFD cooling collar all coloursHow Do They Work?
When you submerge the cooling collar in water, the special gel beads inside the product will begin to absorb and hold the water as it transforms into a gel. As the water slowly evaporates, it draws heat from your dog and cools them. Since dogs do not have sweat glands, the cooling collar mimics that process of cooling through evaporation. The cooling collar stays cool for up to 3 days! Reusable up to 30+ times and hand washable.

***Available at Dogfather in all sizes and colours