NEW! Cat Toys

Dogfather has cats in their family too! Take a look at our new and exciting catnip and other small toys that we know your cat will love. We have curated a fun and unique selection that you won’t find anywhere else. Most toys available at both locations.


Fuzzu Fun Cat Toys

These cat toys are hilariously different and highly illustrative. You’ll enjoy them as much as your cat will enjoy the catnip! We currently carry four different lines; Political Parody, Fluffy’s Snack Bar, and Teacup Fluffs.




YEOWWW Catnip Toys

The brand you know and love, cat toys packed full of fresh, potent catnip that are sure to throw your feline for a loop.




Happy Tails Klawz Cat Toys

Take a look at these little catnip critters. Each one has its own unique texture and feel, and they are made in the USA to boot.




Tippi & Polli & Mice

These beautiful toys are made from hilltribe crafted fabrics and are infused with organic catnip.



PetSport Alley Kat Toys

Cat tired of your plain old catnip fish? Try out this soft and brightly coloured petsport variety. We also have PetSport USB rechargeable Laser Chase. You can tease your kitty with that red dot as much as you want – no batteries!






Spot Ethical Products Cat Toys

Does your kitty like to run, jump and rake their toys? Spot has you covered with big kickable bugs and crinkly, flailing teaser wands.




Pet Qwerks Kitty Babble Ball

Need more than catnip to keep your cat up-and-at-it? Try the babble ball, it rolls, squeaks, giggles and chirps to peak the curiosity in your kitty.






LeSharma Wool Cat Toys

These toys are made from eco-friendly all natural wool. They are hand crafted by disadvantaged women from Nepal, so when you buy to play with your cat, you know you’ve supported a worthy cause.