Cat Grooming FAQ

How long does my cat’s grooming take?

Your cat's appointment will last roughly 3 hours.

How much will my cat’s grooming cost?

Cat grooming prices start at $80 for a bath and brush. Any additional services will be considered add on services, and will be charged accordingly. 

What is included in a full groom?

Bath, blow-dry, nail trimming, paw & ear clean, sanitary clip (groin & bum), de-shedding/brush out and haircut.

What is included in a bath and brush?

Everything above without a haircut.

What additional services do you offer?

We offer the following additional services:

  • lion trim
  • belly shave
  • “comb cut”- longer version of a lion trim for people who don’t want to shave the cat all the way down
Do you cage dry?

At Dogfather, cats are only dried using non heated dryers. The “cage dryers” that have had some bad press in the media are not used at Dogfather.

Do you keep the cats all day?

We strongly recommend that you come and pick up your cat as soon as their appointment is finished. We do not have litter boxes here for cats to relieve themselves, and therefore recommend that your cat be picked up as soon as you can.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please click here to see our cancellation policy.

My cat might bite or scratch the groomer, can you still groom him/her?

We can always try. Our groomer has a lot of experience with difficult cats. The only time we can not continue with the groom, is if the cat is showing extreme signs of stress, and aggression.

My cat has separation anxiety; can I stay in the room during the grooming appointment?

We do not allow owners to stay for the duration of the groom. Our groomer creates a calm environment using her own calm energy. Bringing any other person into the grooming room can disrupt this environment, and cause more stress on the cats.

My cat has a disability or special needs. Can you groom him/her?

If your cat has any health issues, please consult a vet to be sure that cat grooming will not make their disability or illness worse. Its always good practice to ask the vet if there are concerns. We can deal with most special needs, as long as your cat does not have heart problems for which stress can potentially give them a heart attack.

Do I need to bring anything with my cat for him/her to get groomed?

You must bring your cat in a carrier or travel crate. Please do not bring your cat on a leash or in towels / blankets.

Does my cat have to be up to date with his/her vaccinations in order to get a grooming appointment?

Each cat has one-on-one time with the groomer, and at no point and time do they come into contact with other cats. We do not require proof of vaccinations to be able to groom your cat.

Does my cat need to be spayed or neutered in order to get groomed?


When should my kitten come in for his/her first groom?

As early as 8 weeks. The earlier they start, the better. We especially recommend it for kittens whose coat will need a lot of up keep for the rest of their lives.